Why decorate?

If you've not decorated for a few years and your walls and woodwork are looking tired, you'll be amazed at the different a new lick of paint will make. This can be a cost-effective way to update the look at feel of your home.

If you just fancy a new look then we can help you with choosing from the latest colours and finishes.

Changing the look of a room in your home can also change the feel of the space. It's important to make sure the layout of the room provides for your needs. And effective storage can make the world of difference as you fight the clutter.

The Decorating Process

We will ensure all your furniture and furnishings are protected, either by removing them from the sapce or covering them with decorating sheets.

Decorating will usually take at least 2 days, to allow enough time for paint to dry between coats. When we first visit you we will provide our best estimate of the total amount of time the job will take.

Decorating Price Guide

Initial Consultation:free
Hourly rate:£15
One session (4 hours):£55
3 or more sessions:£50 each

The cost of consumables will be invoiced at cost to you. We do not profit from the consumables you choose. We like to create three mood boards with different colour and decorating schemes after the initial consultation.

If we create mood boards for you and you choose not to use our services, a one-off fee of £30 will be payable.

We are pleased to make our full terms and conditions available for you to view.