Why declutter?

Our lives can be so busy these days and a disorganised home is a symptom of our busyness as we delay decisions and try to hold on to familiar items that remind us of a time when we felt happier.

However, accumulated possesions add to the feeling that we're not in control and the mess we find ourselves in, often literally and emotionally, becomes a problem in our every day lives.

Although we all have different reasons for the stuff we find in our homes and different motivations for wanting to declutter, I do understand it can be a difficult process and I seek to provide you with the support you may need to start the process. Decluttering is almost never a finished task as most of us are constantly bombarded with things to buy (or not), post (or junk mail), even emails (or unwanted advertising). But it is possible to change how we respond to all these demands on our time and, with perseverance, reduce the amount of clutter in our homes, reducing our stress responses and giving our minds some well-deserved rest.

How can Revive Your Space help me?

Step One > Getting Started

We offer a complementary consultation to discuss your requirements with you and walk through the spaces you want to address.

Step Two > Agree Your Goal

Once we have discussed what you want to acheive we draw up the plan of action for decluttering your space.

Step Three > Declutter

On the day of your declutter we will come to your house at the time arranged, fully armed with boxes for sorting, bags for rubbish and cleaning equipment to finish off with a sparkle! This is a process we normally undertake alongside you. We will work at the pace you are comfortable with, helping you to make those all-important decisions along the way. The de-cluttering process can be tiring but it is certainly a very rewarding and theraputic experience.

Step Four > Re-organise

Once we have cleared out your clutter you will be seeing your home in a new light. You will now be surrounded with the best of your posessions and this is a very positive and empowering feeling. We will help you make the most of what you are keeping - helping you to work out where best to place your furniture and how to store items. During this time you may decide you want to re-decorate, buy some extra storage or other home furnishings to give your new de-cluttered space the finishing touch. We are happy to help with this too.

Step Five > Restore

During this whole process we will help you identify why you have accumulated your clutter and look at ways of preventing clutter build up in the future. By changing your thought patterns and adopting new habits we will help you break out of your pattern of hoarding, giving you the skills to take control of your thoughts and the space around you.

Step Six > Relax!

Enjoy the haven that is your home!

fresh green grass

Decluttering Price Guide

Initial Consultation:free
Hourly rate:£30
One session (4 hours):£110
3 or more sessions:£100 each

We recommend working in sessions of 4 hours on one day.

The amount of time to declutter an area is difficult to estimate. The total time we spend with you is your decision.

It can be helpful to begin by booking one session of 4 hours to get an idea of how the process works. You may then feel ready to book further sessions.

We are pleased to make our full terms and conditions available for you to view.